Set One

All Blues, Daryl, Work, Rhum 'n' Zouc, Lost Highway, Lost, Sweet Georgia Brown╣, Hold What You Got╣, Huckling the Berries╣, High on a Mountaintop╣, Shenandoah Breakdown╣, MLT5 > Drums5 > MLT5, Shine5

Set Two

Drums5 > Search5 , Born on the Wrong Planet, Lonesome Fiddle Blues▓ > The Lochs of Dread▓ > Lonesome Fiddle Blues▓, Hot Buttered Rum│, Y'all Come│, Rivertrance│5 , Jam > Best Feeling > Jam > Round the Wheel


Jingle Bells45, Sittin' on Top of the World45


Acoustic Benefit Show
First Time Played: Lost Highway, Huckling the Berries (Pete Wernick tune), Hot Buttered Rum, Y'all Come, The Lochs of Dread (Strength in Numbers tune), Jingle Bells ╣ with Pete Wernick
▓ with Mark Vann from Leftover Salmon
│ with Mark Vann and Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon
4 with Pete Wernick, Mark Vann, and Vince Herman
5 with Steve Reed from The Rippingtons on percussion