Set One

San Jose, Lost > Mtn. Girls, Cottonmouth, MLT, Little Hands > Birdland

Set Two

Round the Wheel > Rivertrance, Tom Thumb's Blues, Let It Go, On the Road, Best Feeling* > Round the Wheel

Set Three

Lester Poem > Faerie Ring Ritual** > Miscellaneous Jams**, Let's All Be Faries***, Jam with Dr. Didg > Rave Jams# > Whiskey Before Breakfast


* with Keller Williams.
** ritual with numerous narrations, poems, etc. SCI (without Keith) played in the background. Guests included Tye North on bass, Jamie Janover and Jarrod Kaplan on percussion, members of Dr. Didg, Jenny Conlee on keyboards, and Damien Aikin on saxophone.
*** with Baby Gramps and above guests, without saxophone player.
# with Harry the Deejay and Jamie Janover. Remaining band members left stage until a Texas rave broke out. Nershi, Tye North, Travis, and Jarrod Kaplan returned to the stage to tease Texas and Round the Wheel and continued with an extended jam before moving into Whiskey Before Breakfast. Kang returned after Whiskey had been jammed for a little bit.


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