Set One

Smile, Voodoo Chile > Mrs. Brown's Teahouse, Good Times Around the Bend*, Latinismo, Lost > Come As You Are

Set Two

Instrument Switcheroo**, Blackberry Blossom, Jellyfish^ > Soul Makossa# > I've Just Seen a Face, Drifting Away, Outside Inside, Land's End*** > San Jose


How Mountain Girls Can Love


* Acoustic
** Song Unknown. Features Billy - mandolin, Kang - acoustic guitar, Keith - drums, Travis - Bass.
*** Unfinished
^ Travis left stage and came back out with a bottle of rum and ordained Billy 'High Priest' in the temple of the Jellyfish, and everyone took a ceremonial shot of TEQUILA!.
# originally by African jazz trumpeter Manu Dibango, originally released around 1975.