Set One

Blackberry Blossom, Got What He wanted> Jam> Mtn Girls, Sand Dollar Born On The Wrong Planet*, Blue Bossa> Jam> Smile

Set Two

Climb> Rhum 'n' Zouc, Another Night, Well You Needn't, Rhythm of The Road, Little Hands> Black Clouds


Jellyfish> Johnny Cash


Intermission Set: Eat My Dust**
* with a "Terrapin Station" tease.
** The band (and audience members) paid Keith Moseley $300 to have his head shaved onstage during the intermission; General Mayhem played the part of the barber, starting off with the classic mohawk cut, then proceeded to shave it all off giving Keith a trendy cue ball look...SPECIAL NOTE: a cheesesteak eating contest also took place - won by Joe Corbett of Scranton, PA.