Set One

Restless Wind, TWLWMYD> Rhum 'n" Zouc, Resume Man, 100 Year Flood> Johnny Cash tease> Remington Ride*, All Blues> San Jose

Set Two

MLT, Voodoo Chile> Jam***ohn Hardy, Babylon Power****#> Will The Circle Be Unbroken****#, Jellyfish> ****Come As You Are, Land's End> Drums> Smile


1st "Babylon Power"
1st "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
* with a "One Love" bass solo jam
*** similar to the "Funk Jam" ** with Keller Williams on flugel
**** with Will Sparks and Keller on horns, and Shawn Fierro on drums.
the entire show was performed with a local Negril percussionist