Set One

One Step Closer, Sirens, Cedar Laurels, Look at Where We Are > Yo Se, Long Way To Go¹, Whiskey Before Breakfast¹, Galactic > Outside Inside

Set Two

Valley of the Jig, Turn This Around, Boo Boo's Pikanic, Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother¹²³, Bass solo*² > Jam*², Black and White², Tom Thumb's Blues


Magic Carpet Ride^


First Time Played: Long Way To Go (Railroad Earth cover) ¹ with Todd Sheaffer (vocals), Andy Goessling (banjo, dobro), and Tim Carbone (violin) from Railroad Earth
² with Vinne Amico on drums from moe.
³ with Chuck Garvey on guitar from moe.
* with Rob Derhak on bass from moe. (without Keith)
^ with Chuck Garvey (guitar) and Tim Carbone (violin)


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