Set One

Desert Dawn, Mouna Bowa, My Way > Orange Blossom Special, Dirk, Little Hands > Miss Brown's Teahouse

Set Two

LA Woman > The End > LA Woman, Tightrope, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Fire > Voodoo Chile, We Are the Champions*

Set Three

Rollover > Don't Say > Hotel Window, White Freightliner Blues, Howard² > Rollover


Freedom Jazz Dance, Search╣


╣ with LA Woman teases
² unfinished

Second set was by the "All Star Dead Rock Star Band" featuring Jim Morrison (Nershi), Stevie Ray Vaughn (Keith), Kurt Cobain (Kyle), Jimi Hendrix (Kang), and Freddie Mercury (Travis). Each was announced by guest emcee Rod Roddy, of The Price is Right fame.

First Time Played: Tightrope (Stevie Ray Vaughn cover), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover), We Are the Champions (Queen cover) * with Brendan (Travis' drum tech) on drums


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